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Lessons from a Review of A Declaration and Constitution for a Free Society

A response to a review of my book was recently published in Capitalism Magazine.  Here is the first paragraph of the response:

The economist Randall Holcombe reviewed my book A Declaration and Constitution for a Free Society in the summer 2021 issue of The Independent Review. (Holcombe, 2021)  While there are some statements in the review that I agree with, there are many with which I disagree, including some misrepresentations of arguments in the book.  I have provided a brief response to his review in the winter 2021/22 issue of The Independent Review. (Simpson, 2021/22)  However, there is much more to be said in response to the review.  This response will help readers better understand the content of the book as well as the nature of rights and freedom and how to protect them.

For the rest of the response, go here.

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